Elena Terentieva

Lyrical impressionism in pastel

Elena Terentieva (1980)

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, living and working in Adliswil, Switzerland.

Since childhood, Elena loved to draw, in her school years she attended an art studio. Foremen for more than 10 years as an interior designer, has gained exceptional experience in working with color and light. For several years she studied academic and watercolor painting privately.

After moving to Switzerland, Elena Terentieva changed the type of activity, deciding to devote herself to art. After discovering soft pastel for herself, she fell in love with this material and currently only paints pictures with it. Pastel is the artist’s favorite material, its depth and bright saturated colors provide great opportunities for creativity. In her paintings, the emphasis is on contrasting colors, creating great emotional and lyrical expression and impact on the viewer. In 2020-2021 the artist completed several courses in pastel painting in the style of impressionism from professional pastel artists.

In her paintings, Elena often focuses on contrasting colors, achieving a great emotional and lyrical effect and impact on the viewer. The themes of the works are connected with nature, its states and moods. The artist draws inspiration from the surrounding nature, its phenomena and conditions, charming Alpine landscapes, mountain lakes and numerous picturesque trails in Switzerland.

In addition to her exhibition activities, Elena also gives private lessons in pastel drawing for children and adults in her studio in Adliswil.